16:14 GMT22 October 2020
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    ST PETERSBURG (Sputnik) - The members of UK parliament are likely to keep Prime Minister Theresa May in office even though her deal faced a crushing defeat in the UK House of Commons, UKIP member Richard Wood told Sputnik ahead of a no-confidence vote slated for Wednesday evening.

    The no-confidence motion was tabled by the opposition Labour Party after the lower chamber of the UK parliament rejected the Brexit deal reached by London and Brussels in a 432-202 vote on Tuesday.

    "I believe they will vote to keep May and I don't think she will resign. She will stay until she is physically removed. We have a professional politician who has not a clue what the people want, she has not a clue how to negotiate with the EU," Wood said.

    According to the politician, the UK government should have chosen a totally different negotiating stance on Brexit talks from the beginning, offering a free trade agreement and threaten to close the border otherwise.

    "That should have been on the 24th of June 2016. The day after the referendum to leave the EU, we should have sent an envoy saying: ‘this is a contract for free trade, sign it within 28 days or we close the border.’ And they would have been cracked open like an eggshell," he argued.

    Wood claimed that the United Kingdom did not need any deal and should "walk away from the EU completely," adding that the country had "the rest of the world to trade with."

    "I am very sceptical of May’s deal. That isn't a deal. This deal that she is trying to sell to the British people not a deal, this is a plot by her, by the EU, by those who want to keep the UK in the EU," he said.

    The politician maintained that there should be no second referendum on Brexit since the results of the first one had not been implemented yet.

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    The refusal "to deliver on that democratic vote" would mean that the "democracy in Britain is dead and it is a return to anarchy," the politician concluded.

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