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    UK 'Has a Brexit Deal' With Which It Cannot Leave EU - Political Campaigner

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    The British Prime Minister Theresa May is in Brussels to finalize the draft agreement with the EU before a European summit this weekend.

    There are still some stumbling blocks over the UK having access to the single market, European fishing access to British waters and Gibraltar as Spain has warned it will reject the draft Brexit withdrawal deal without a clarification of the text on future talks on the status of the peninsula. The PM is under pressure from her own MPs not to give any further ground during the talks with the EU.

    Sputnik has discussed the issue with political campaigner Mandy Boylett.

    Sputnik: What have you made of the draft agreement?

    Mandy Boylett: I’ve been very disappointed with the withdrawal agreement; the Brexit process was about taking back control of our laws, taking back control from the European court and making trade deals with the rest of the world. 

    This deal doesn’t do any of that, not for the foreseeable future and maybe not forever. We have a deal from which we can no longer exit without the permission of the European Union, we have lost control to them, and it effectively makes the UK a vassal state.

    Sputnik: Are you worried that the Prime Minister might make further concessions to the EU before this weekend’s summit?

    Mandy Boylett: Yes I mean one of my big worries is our fishing. I think the elite down in London don’t realise how important the fishing communities were in the past and could be in the future to much of the coastal regions in the UK especially Scotland.

    Theresa May doesn’t care about that, they are a bargaining chip and the fisheries were the main test of Brexit really to see if was a success, but I think the Dutch will want their big ships fishing there and nobody cares about the British fisherman and Theresa May will use them as a bargaining tool.

    I also have concerns about Gibraltar as well. It seems to me that the EU is trying to split Northern Ireland from the rest of the United Kingdom and one of the ministers of Spain said they would allow Scotland into the EU if it separated from the UK. They are being incredibly disingenuous trying to break up the UK and it’s not on. How dare they.

    Sputnik: Do you think there will be a vote of no confidence in Theresa May?

    Mandy Boylett: I am hopeful for one, I am disappointed one didn’t happen, and the best interpretation is the Tory MP’s who are thinking about writing to the 1922 committee perhaps are waiting to see if the deal gets turned down in Parliament and then it’s more likely that she will be voted out as a Prime Minister and leader of the Tory party.

    The danger always is they have the vote of no confidence in her, she wins the vote, and then she stays for another year.

    Maybe they are playing it a bit clever or maybe the worst interpretation is they are wanting their place in the House of Lords and that’s more important to them than trying to get rid of this dreadful Prime Minister.

    Views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Mandy Boylett and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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