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    'Senate Under Republican Control': Trump's Foreign Policy Unstoppable - Analyst

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    The United States held its midterm elections on Tuesday. According to the latest official returns, Democrats retook control of the House, while Republicans retained their majority in the Senate.

    The Moody's rating agency along with many prominent experts said Thursday that the outcome of the US midterm elections are unlikely to significantly affect the direction of US foreign policy. However, the Democrats' majority in US House of Representatives could significantly hamper some of Trump's domestic initiatives, US media reported Thursday.

    Sputnik has discussed the latest developments with Reza Parchizadeh, an Iranian political theorist who has published several books and the PhD at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

    Sputnik: Democrats got back to majority in House of Representatives. Can it be considered a win for them?

    Reza Parchizadeh: The Democratic win in the House of Representatives was expected. But it can be regarded only as a small victory for the Democratic Party.

    The margin was slim. In addition, given the fact that the incumbent party usually loses in the midterm legislative elections, the fact that the Republicans retained majority in the Senate and actually increased the number of their seats can be considered a great victory for the Republican Party.

    That is why President Trump was happy with the results.

    Sputnik: What lesson can we learn from these Midterms in comparison with the last one?

    Reza Parchizadeh: The lesson we can learn from these midterm elections is that, contrary to the opinion of the media on the Left, President Trump is popular across the United States.

    Prior to the elections, he energetically and tirelessly campaigned for the Republican candidates by shuttling between different states.

    And the people answered his call. With the Senate tightly under Republican control, President Trump can now more comfortably peruse his tough foreign policy against unwholesome international actors.

    Views and opinions expressed in this article are those of Reza Parchizadeh and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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