18:13 GMT09 August 2020
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    Arab and Muslim-majority states have condemned the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

    In an interview with Sputnik, Ruhi al Fattuh, a member of the Central Committee of Fatah charged with handling the organization’s relations with the outside world, described the recent opening of a US embassy in Jerusalem as an outright breach of international law.

    “What we see is a seizure of our lands, something only Israelis did before. The land the US embassy stands on was illegally occupied. The Americans continue the Israeli practice of building settlements in Palestine,” he said.

    He added that the UN Security Council Resolution 478 rules out recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state.

    “[The resolution] was adopted in 1980 after the Knesset proclaimed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. […] Therefore, what the US is doing now flies in the face of international law,” Ruhi al Fattuh noted, adding that the Palestinians will appeal to international organizations to defend their rights.

    “The Americans will not succeed in changing Jerusalem’s historical status as the capital of an independent Palestinian state.”

    He complained about the Arab and Islamic states’ position on the situation in Palestine, which confines itself to declarations of support while failing to take definitive measures to change the situation.

    “We demand that effective pressure be used against the United States. Simultaneously, we should work with countries that are prepared to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,” Ruhi al Fattuh emphasized.

    Feisal Abu Shahlaa, a member of Fatah’s Revolutionary Council, told Sputnik that “after the Americans moved their embassy to Jerusalem, they are seen as invaders of Palestinian lands, just like the Israelis.”

    ”The invaders’ aggressive actions, which have led to the death of innocent civilians, are forcing Palestinians to abandon all attempts to reach a peaceful resolution [of the conflict] and move on and resist. The Arab and Islamic countries should close their embassies in Israel in protest.”

    Mustafa al Sawaf, a Palestinian journalist from Gaza said that Palestinians will respond to “Israeli aggression” with more marches.

    “The Palestinian people no longer expect any help from the international community. We now know that we must take our future in our own hands and start to act,” he concluded.

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    On May 14, the United States held an official ceremony for the relocation of its embassy to Jerusalem, cementing President Donald Trump’s decision to formally recognize the city as the capital of Israel.

    The move aggravated the Palestinian protests raging in the Gaza border region, leading to violent clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces, which left over 60 protesters dead and injured over 2,700 others.

    Many countries have expressed their concern over the situation in Gaza, summoning Israeli envoys and urging Israel to exercise restraint.

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    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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