09:33 GMT02 June 2020
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    Following a series of attacks on Turkish mosques and other facilities in the country, representatives of the Turkish diaspora are confident that the assaults have been carried out by activists associated with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). In an interview with Sputnik, Turkish representatives shared their views on the issue.

    Turks can no longer feel safe in Germany, Fatih Zingal, the deputy chairman of the Union of European Turkish Democrats, argued.

    "Turkish communities and associations are very concerned, because, given the statements of organizations affiliated with the PKK, we must proceed from the fact that last week's events were just the tip of the iceberg," the official said.

    Zingal also added that the youth branch of the PKK issued "an online call to carry out terrorist attacks against any Turkish sites — be it mosques, cultural centers, cafes, supermarkets or the Consulate General."

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    "This is why we must say: every person who is in any way connected with Turkey has reasons for concern," Zingal noted.

    Earlier, Deutsche Welle reported that a Germany-based left-wing Kurdish youth group had threatened to turn European streets into "rubble and ash" amid the Turkish military's Operation Olive Branch in Syria's Afrin.

    The warning came after pro-Kurdish protesters clashed with police across Germany late last week, which prompted Ankara to urge Berlin to take measures to protect Turkish citizens living in Germany.

    The Turkish diaspora as well as the German media see a clear link between the attacks and the operation of Turkish troops in Afrin in northern Syria.

    "It's not a secret that the left forces, in general, are not fond of the Turkish government and the president. The operation in Afrin, directed against the Syrian branch of the PKK, could be the reason for these violent actions," an expert on Turkey and an editor of the German-Turkish Internet newspaper Daily Sabah, Burak Altun, told Sputnik. "The situation has been heated for a long time. But Turkey's operation in Syria has become the last straw."

    At the same time, it is rather difficult to prove a direct connection between the recent crimes and the PKK. The group hasn't claimed responsibility for these attacks, but has not condemned them either.

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    Although, the Berlin police do not exclude that the recent assaults have been inspired by political motives, there is no conclusive evidence of this version so far.

    "Police departments in the federal states are working closely with each other and are exchanging information. At the moment, there is no specific evidence that could be considered as proof. But, of course, we have carefully analyzed the fact that there were several consecutive, similar crimes committed one after another in different federal states. Thus, we can't exclude that these actions were plotted in advance," German police's official representative Winfried Wenzel told Sputnik.

    Recently, three mosques, a cultural center and a vegetable shop in different parts of Germany were the subject of attacks. All objects are related to the Turkish diaspora in Germany.

    German Ambassador to Ankara Martin Erdmann was summoned to the Turkish Foreign Ministry on Monday in connection with the attacks.

    Earlier, German media had reported that last Friday unidentified assailants set a mosque on fire in the town of Lauffen am Neckar in Baden-Württemberg.

    A similar incident occurred on Sunday in Berlin's northern borough of Reinickendorf, where a mosque and a Turkish cultural center were set ablaze.

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the speakers do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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