11:46 GMT18 September 2020
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    Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has slammed the US for failing to take any action against the Daesh terrorist group in Afghanistan. Shahid Raza, director of Geopolitical Research project at Command Eleven consulting, told Sputnik that the US' presence in the country has "nothing to do with Afghanistan itself."

    In this regard, Shahid Raza pointed to the current multi-polar world order, "being developed by such nations as China, Russia, Iran and to some extent Turkey."

    He said that the US is seriously concerned about "this level of multilateral cooperation in Asian region and this shift in geopolitical landscape."

    "Afghanistan is a strategically pivotal piece of geography for US establishment to try and sabotage this geopolitical alignment," Raza pointed out.

    According to him, the US does not seek to find a "credible solution" to Afghanistan's problems, something that Raza said ought to be resolved by means of a full-fledged national reconciliation process.

    "The US establishment actually benefits from instability in Afghanistan because it justifies their continue occupation of the country," Raza said.

    He described Afghanistan as "an open field" for the US given that "the international community does not have any appetite for Afghan affairs."

    U.S. soldiers patrol the perimeter of a weapons cache four miles of the US military base in Bagram, Afghanistan (File)
    © AP Photo / Aaron Favila
    U.S. soldiers patrol the perimeter of a weapons cache four miles of the US military base in Bagram, Afghanistan (File)

    Reza urged Russia and China to create "a correlated mechanism to build diplomatic pressure on the US and express open opposition to the US' continued occupation of Afghanistan."

    Otherwise, he concluded, the situation in Afghanistan will further exacerbate.

    In August 2017, President Donald Trump announced a new US strategy on Afghanistan, vowing to continue support for Afghan authorities in their fight against Islamic extremists.

    He said that the United States will not be involved in nation building, but in exterminating terrorists. Saying that US troops would "fight to win," Trump added that there was no deadline and refused to disclose how many personnel would stay behind.

    The United States has been in Afghanistan for almost 17 years following the 9/11 attacks on Washington and New York. Before becoming President, Trump condemned sending US troops and resources to this Central Asian country.

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