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    “The violence we saw in areas of Ferguson last night cannot be repeated,” declared Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.

    Celebrities Go to War of Words Over Ferguson Unrest

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    The Ferguson riots have spawned not only street violence, but also a full-scale war on social media between Liberal and Conservative celebs.

    Ferguson Nationwide Protests
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    MOSCOW, November 26 (Sputnik) — The black community's violent looting and destruction in Ferguson in response to the grand jury's decision on Monday is creating a rift among celebrities worldwide, as they have taken to social media to share opinions on the issue, with some of them even campaigning on Twitter. 

    Prominent pop performer Kate Perry launched the ‘Praying for an Equal America’ tweet campaign, joined by celebs like Rihanna, Cher, Lena Dunham, Pharrell Williams, Andy Cohen and many others. Katy Perry’s first tweet read “Sending my prayers to Ferguson & praying for an equal America.”

    Hitmaker Pharrell Williams was more explicit in his judgment, expressing his frustration that no charges will be pressed against the PD officer who shot dead the 19-year-old Michael Brown.

    Many celebs blasted the American justice system, saying that Darren Wilson should have been charged with murder. Among these are Lena Dunham, who said she “prays to see justice and change” and Big Sean, who found the course of events “disappointing and sad.”

    Standing apart from their leftist, anti-authority counterparts, Conservative-leaning performers and commentators like Ted Nugent, Ann Coulter and Brit Hume announced a competition for the most popular pro-Darren Wilson tweet.

    “Darren Wilson did good. Michael Brown did bad. Justice is served,” the 65-year-old veteran rocker from Michigan, Ted Nugent, twitted first of the pro-Wilson camp.

    Some of America’s public figures, including Laura Ingraham, did not miss the chance to slam the liberal left, with Ingraham saying: “Hardcore leftists’ don’t really give a rip about facts. Goal is and has always been to undermine civil society, stoke unrest, chaos.”

    Cher added to the anti-protest sentiment, having said that “Violence against businesses of this community is a crime.”

    All in all, the two dominating trends in social and political thought of modern America have clashed on the battlefield of the social media, this time over the Rodney King-esque case, fanned by the mainstream TV, which is leaning progressive left. The scope of the unreasonable violence is large; however, this is far from being a full-scale riot like the one in Los Angeles in 1992.


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