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Republicans Promise a Full Investigation Into Hunter Biden's Laptop

Republicans Promise a Full Investigation into Hunter Biden's Laptop
On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Scottie Nell Hughes discussed current events including Tucker Carlson calling for invoking the 25th against Biden, and Heineken pulling out of Russia.
Drew Berquist - Former Counterterrorist Officer | Peace Talks in Ukraine, Russia's Military Mission, and Neocons Fueling the Conflict in Ukraine
Ben Swann - Investigative Journalist | Biolabs Funding, Gain of Function Research, and Hunter Biden Involvement with Biolabs
Steve Gill - American Conservative Talk Radio Host | Government Spending, Billionaires Being Taxed, and Half of Americans Don't Pay Taxes
Jamarl Thomas - Co-Host of Fault Lines | Bioweapons, Military Objectives, and Peace Talks in Turkey
In the first hour, Scottie spoke with Drew Berquist about the conflict in Ukraine, why peace talks are held in Turkey, and restraint from Russia's military. Drew discussed cancel culture in Germany and America's leaders failing Americans.
Scottie spoke with Ben Swann about the Biolabs in Ukraine, Joe Biden's knowledge of the Biolabs, and funding for Biolabs in Ukraine. Ben discussed Joe Biden's involvement with Ukraine and the Hunter Biden laptop, being investigated by Republican lawmakers.
In the second hour, Scottie spoke with Steve Gill about fraud, raising taxes on corporations, and inflation. Steve spoke on President Biden's statements in Europe and the Biden administration's reckless agenda.
Scottie talked with Jamarl Thomas about the Biolabs in Ukraine, peace talks, and the mainstream narrative on Russia's military operation. Jamarl discussed the status of the conflict in Ukraine and the objectives of President Putin.
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