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Zelensky Begs US Congress for 'No Fly Zone' in Ukraine

Zelensky Begs US Congress for "No Fly Zone" in Ukraine
On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Faran Fronczak and Manila Chan discussed current events including an Earthquake striking off the coast of Japan, and Boris Johnson visiting Saudi Arabia for more gas.
David Tawil - Co-Founder of ProChain Capital | Bitcoin Legalized in Ukraine, The US Economy, and Saudi Arabia Toying with Using the Chinese Yuan
Daniel Lazare - Independent Journalist, Author, and Writer | Bipartisan Support for No-Fly Zone in Ukraine, Victoria Nuland, and Expecting a Red Wave in 2022 Midterms
In the first hour, Manila and Faran spoke with David Tawil about Bitcoin, oil prices, and the petrodollar. David discussed how the dollar is weakening and America's reliance on foreign oil. David spoke on the importance of Bitcoin and how America has dragged its feet on Bitcoin.
In the second hour, Manila and Faran spoke with Daniel Lazare about the war in Ukraine, corporate media propaganda, and manufacturing consent for war. Daniel talked about the lack of American support for war and Steve Bannon's lawyer spied upon by the DOJ. Daniel discussed the Jan 6th committee and the Washington DC hostility against outsiders.
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