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'Tic Tac UFO' Spotted by Motorist Over Seoul – Video

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UFO   - Sputnik International, 1920, 01.03.2022
The object in the video "has no tail, no wings, no window" and "looks similar to that of a rocket more than anything else", as the blogger who shared the footage noted.
Prolific blogger Scott C. Waring, who previously made claims about UFO sightings and supposed alien bases on Earth, has reported what he described as “100 percent real UFO raw footage”.
The sighting occurred on 27 February in the South Korean capital Seoul, where a motorist managed to capture some strange shape in the sky on their cell phone camera (though the veracity of the footage could not be immediately confirmed).
As the blogger points out, the object "has no tail, no wings, no window" and the clip "looks similar to that of a rocket more than anything else".
"I put it into slow motion to see if the UFO went behind or in front of the highway signs... it went behind", Waring noted. “Had it gone in front I would know instantly it was fake, its (sic!) not."
The blogger called the object in the video a Tic Tac UFO – an apparent reference to an object spotted by US Navy fighter aircraft several years ago and officially released by the Pentagon.
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