Teachers Coach 10-Year-Olds to Write Letters Telling Boris Johnson to Resign

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In a remarkably well-drafted letter, one pupil in the Nottingham primary school class reeled off opposition Labour Party attack points against Conservative PM Boris Johnson — complete with statistics — and calling on him to go 'on behalf of my country'.
A Conservative MP has called for teachers at a primary school to be sacked after they coached children to write letters demanding Prime Minister Boris Johnson resign.
Year six pupils at Welbeck Primary School in Nottingham in the East Midlands were set the task of writing to Boris Johnson urging him to fall on his sword over the 'Partygate' scandal and alleged "lying" to Parliament, the Daily Mail reported.
A perfectly-drafted and typed letter, ostensibly from one of the 10-year-olds, was also posted online.
"This week in Year Six we have been looking at our aspirations and role models for the future," it read.
"We looked at famous leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama, and we have also looked at teachers and headteachers who are doing their part in keeping us happy, healthy and safe," the letter continued. "We also looked at people who we respect and disappointingly, our own Prime Minister has not made it onto this list."
"Boris Johnson has lied on multiple occasions and had not been told the withdraw any of these lies," the letter complained — a comment apparently aimed at Parliamentary Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle after Johnson reminded Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer of his apology for failing to prosecute alleged celebrity child abuser Jimmy Savile.
The author specifically took objection to Johnson's boasts last week that Britain has the highest post-pandemic growth of the G7 nations and that there were more people in work now than before the pandemic — as reported by the Office for National Statistics — and repeated Labour claims to the contrary.
"He is a hypocrite and can no longer be trusted as our leader and should resign as the country is not in the right hands," the letter rages. "To sum it all up, I am enraged. Infuriated. I feel lied to and that we desperately need a new leader,"
"I feel that there is no reason to trust our government and as a British citizen, the Prime Minister should resign," it concludes. "This letter is on behalf of my country."
In a since-deleted tweet, Labour Party MP for Nottingham South Lilian Greenwood said she "would be writing to Boris Johnson asking him to respond to my young constituents' concerns."
The school's headmistress Rebecca Gittins has regularly attacked the ruling Conservatives and supported the opposition Labour Party on social media, although she recently deleted tweets calling the government "Tory scum".
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Brendan Clarke-Smith, the Tory MP for the nearby seat of Bassetlaw and a former teacher himself, said the staff responsible should be sacked.
"Children and the schools they attend do not exist for the purpose of furthering people's personal political agendas," he told the MailOnline.
"Teachers work very hard to provide balanced, robust and challenging lessons and we must not allow the behaviour of individuals like this to give the profession a bad name by trying to indoctrinate our children," The MP added.
"Children go to school to learn, not to have words put into their mouths," Clarke-Smith stressed.
"I was a teacher myself prior to entering parliament and I would always welcome healthy debate in the classroom," he said. "But this falls well below the basic standards that parents expect for their children's education."
"In fact, if I had done this and then brought my school into disrepute with the subsequent tweet then I would expect to be sacked," he said.
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