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US Walks Back Claims of 'Imminent' Russian Invasion

U.S. Walks Back Claims of 'Imminent' Russian Invasion
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Austin Pelli talk about RT's German channel getting banned in Germany, what the SWIFT is and how the US can strong arm the international system to sanction foreign countries, and CNN top dog Jeff Zucker resigning over a workplace relationship.
Peter Oliver - Correspondent for RT | RT Germany Banned by German Regulators
Mark Frost - Economist | Should US Strongarm SWIFT to Sanction Russia?
Daniel Lazare - Independent Journalist | Zucker Resigns from CNN… Workplace Privacy Issue?
In the first hour, Peter Oliver joined the show to talk about RT's German-language channel getting banned by regulators in Germany, gives his take on Austrian police obtaining power to ask for vaccination cards and issue fines to citizens lacking one, and discuss why Biden is deploying thousands of troops in Europe even after he pledged to not get into a shooting war with Russia.
In the second hour, Fault Lines was joined by Mark Frost for an explanation on what the SWIFT financial system is and how the US can strongarm the inter-banking company to impose sanctions on foreign countries. We also talked about how embargoes are considered an act of war and why Biden would take this stance on Russia.
In the third hour, Daniel Lazare joined the conversation to talk about questions surrounding Jeff Zucker's resignation from CNN and how Daniel sees it as an issue of workplace privacy. We also talked about Andrew Cuomo getting charges of sexual harassment dropped due to lack of evidence and the US reaching the milestone of $30 trillion in national debt.
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