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Zombie Apocalypse or Trump Trail? Speculations Arise Over 'Concrete Walls' Erected Near White House

© Sputnik / Sergei PopovA "temporary" concrete fence is seen near the White House
A temporary concrete fence is seen near the White House - Sputnik International, 1920, 13.01.2022
The construction of what is deemed to be "temporary concrete walls" was spotted at the beginning of the week. The White House has not released any official statements regarding the construction works.
Odd construction works on the premises of the White House have left many people puzzled after footage showing a temporary concrete wall being erected near the building emerged on social media over the week.
The fence was estimated to be around 300 centimetres (10 feet) high and said to be made from reinforced concrete k-rails.
The White House itself has not issued any official statements to explain the construction works - so netizens took matters into their own hands, quickly rolling out dozens of theories.
"As usual, everyone is making more out of this than they should. The simple explanation is this barrier is to keep all the zombies out after they flip the 5g switch on January 19th. As an added bonus, it will help the secret service keep Biden from wandering off again", one Reddit user wrote.
"Trump decided to build his wall? Build it back better around the Biden administration?", another one joked.
However, according to a video of the process posted on YouTube by a user nicknamed penguinsix, the construction works in the North Lawn may have a much less intimidating explanation.
Per penguinsix, the temporary concrete walls are just part of the construction of fountains, with the one on the South Lawn renovated a month or two ago, and the works moving into the North Lawn in January.

"Construction like this has been ongoing for over a year at the White House, but they generally move in small bits (a little on one side, then the next, then the next, etc)", the user explained.

However, the mere fact that 10-feet-tall concrete walls are being erected around the White House with no explanation and "no google results on it like it isn't even happening", still appears to leave netizens uneasy.
A lot of users offered different ideas about how the construction could allegedly be tied with "preparation for protests" amid the upcoming Supreme Court decision on the Biden administration's vaccine mandates, to its purported connection with Biden's record-low approval rating. Others joked about how the walls represent "unity" and "diversity".
Others recalled how Biden slammed Trump's border wall project, dismissing it as a "policy that doesn't work".
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