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Fault Lines
From Washington DC - the capital of the divided states of America - it's time for a show that brings you both sides of the issues that the country is talking about. We battle it out, Monday through Friday, on a show that's explosive, informative and entertaining.

Family and Medical Paid Leave to Drop from Biden's Package

Family and Medical Paid Leave to Drop from Biden's Package
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan talk about Biden's trip to Europe to discuss climate change with world leaders, what Taiwan's fight for independence will look like as the US stake their support, and the 'Build Back Better' campaign that has failed to build anything.
Guy McPherson - Climate Scientist | COP26 Summit
Scott Ritter - Former UN Weapons Inspector | NATO Expanding Budget And Imaginary Dogma
Michael Goodwin - Journalist | Biden's 'Build Back Better' Hasn't Built Anything
In the first hour, Guy McPherson joined the show to talk about the COP26 climate change summit where the UN will discuss definitive ways to slow the overall warming of Earth. McPherson has a plan to cover surfaces around the globe with a reflective material that would cool the planet ever so slightly.
In the second hour, Fault Lines was joined by Scott Ritter for a discussion on Taiwan counting on the United States to defend them in a Chinese invasion. Scott says there is no resolve, in a war between China and the US, that will not achieve nuclear strikes.
In the third hour, Michael Goodwin joined the conversation to talk about the losses in Biden’s Build Back Better Plan and the decrease in the budget for it as he nears Joe Manchin’s original mark. Michael also talked about Letitia James’ now running for New York Governor.
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