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US High School Under Investigation Over Photos of Students Giving Teachers Lap Dance

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Chairs are seen in a classroom - Sputnik International, 1920, 28.10.2021
A Homecoming event in Kentucky's Hazard High School turned out to be quite a party, only overshadowed by the fact that school officials deemed it a tad inappropriate for students to perform erotic dances for smiling teachers.
An investigation has been launched into Hazard High School Homecoming events after images of students giving lap dances to teachers dressed in questionable outfits went viral, sparking outrage and raising many eyebrows.
Initially, according to media reports, the pictures were posted on the school's Facebook page, with the event described as a "man pageant". But even though they have since been deleted, the screenshots immediately spread online, showing girls dressed as Hooters waitresses and boys in lingerie being spanked with paddles.
A man identified by the media as Donald Mobelini, the principal, could be seen observing and smiling.
The photos predictably sparked outrage among parents and netizens, with Hazard Independent Schools releasing a statement announcing that an investigation into the incident is already underway.

"We strive to foster creativity in our students, but unfortunately, this time it was carried too far", the statement reads. "[...] At the end of the day, the light-hearted activity simply got out of hand, and for that, we apologise".

According to the statement, the school has dress code rules and such activities are not commonly exercised there. The school has also noted that it had taken disciplinary action, but did not elaborate on the details due to the matter being "a personnel" one.
Many outraged netizens have since called for a police investigation into the matter, saying that "the youngsters have been brainwashed by sick teachers into thinking that this exploitation is normal".
Principal Mobelini, according to the Daily Star, happens to have already been investigated for incidents involving alcohol and students. One such incident was described as him driving students around as they were drinking and smoking, but he was then cleared of wrongdoing, since it was determined that he was unaware of the drinking.
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