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Colin Powell’s Life and Career - Was He a War Criminal?

Colin Powell’s Life and Career -- Was Powell a War Criminal?
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan talk about the energy crisis in Europe and Russia’s involvement with this, the legacy of Colin Powell after his death October 18, Christopher Steele going on ABC defending his work in his dossier, and the horrid mishandling of the imprisonment of Daniel Hale for whistleblowing.
Peter Oliver - EU correspondent for RT International | Is Russia Weaponizing Energy?
Scott Ritter - Former U.N. weapons inspector and a Weapons of Mass Destruction Whistleblower | The Life and Career of Colin Powell
Daniel Lazare - Independent journalist and author | Christopher Steele Defends His Dossier
John Kiriakou - Former CIA Officer, and host of The Backstory | CIA Pivot to China & Whistleblower Daniel Hale Treated Like a Terrorist
In the first hour, Peter Oliver joined the show to talk about the energy crisis across Europe and what factors caused the bloc to get there. Is Russia hoarding their gas supply as a means of controlling their neighbors?
In the second hour, Fault Lines was joined by Scott Ritter for a discussion on the life and career of Colin Powell. Scott also addressed the claims against Powell that he was a war criminal for his actions in an illegal war in Iraq. Daniel Lazare also came onto the show to talk about the Christopher Steele dossier and the work he stands behind.
In the third hour, John Kiriakou joined the conversation to talk about the treatment and trials of Daniel Hale. He has been convicted on multiple counts of espionage for his courageous work whistleblowing information on US drones.
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