'Perhaps Not': Twitter Doesn't Buy Hillary Clinton’' Touted 'First Foray Into Fiction'

© AP Photo / Democratic National Convention (DNC)In this image from video, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during the third night of the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2020
In this image from video, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during the third night of the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2020 - Sputnik International, 1920, 06.10.2021
In February Hillary Clinton, former presidential hopeful, Secretary of State and First Lady, revealed she had penned a new book in partnership with author Louise Penny that explores a world of "high stakes diplomacy and treachery".
Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has touted her new book, 'State of Terror’ as her “first foray into fiction”. Clinton tweeted on Tuesday to refer to her literary effort as a “labour of love”.
The piece is co-written with the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate’s longtime friend, Canadian author of mystery novels Louise Penny. The thriller, published by Simon & Schuster and set for release on 12 October, follows the exploits of a female “novice Secretary of State” chosen by a new president, who's a "political enemy" of hers.
While serving in the “administration of her rival”, she seeks to help it bounce back from “four years of American leadership that shrank from the world stage,” according to the synopsis.
The political thriller then depicts a series of terrorist attacks that trigger an "international chess game", whose vortex draws in such countries as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and "the Russian mob".
Sceptical Twitter users posted comments casting doubt on the fact that this book is, indeed, Hillary Clinton’s first narrative invention. Washington Free Beacon reporter Chuck Ross shared a screenshot of a 2016 presidential campaign tweet by Clinton that fed into the narrative alleging a server connection between the Trump Organization and Russia-based Alfa Bank.
The claim that sought to smear then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has since been debunked by Special Counsel John Durham's probe into the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation.
In September, a federal grand jury in Washington, D.C., handed up an indictment of attorney Michael Sussmann for making a false statement to the FBI and not disclosing his ties to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign after pushing for an investigation into then-candidate Donald Trump's ties to Russia in 2016.
Twitter users recalled other elements of the 2016 presidential tussle.
Some on social media recalled the scandal surrounding Haiti quake relief cash flow after the January 2010 earthquake that killed an estimated 220,000 people. At the time, Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and Bill Clinton was UN Special Envoy to Haiti.
Some commented that “telling tall tales” probably dated back to her time as a member of the impeachment inquiry staff in Washington, D.C., when she advised the House Committee on the Judiciary during the Watergate scandal.
The committee's work culminated with the resignation of President Richard Nixon in August 1974.
Others made reference to how Hillary Clinton was forced to admit she exaggerated claims of coming under sniper fire during a visit to Bosnia in the 1990s when she was First Lady to her POTUS husband, Bill Clinton. The Clinton campaign for Democratic nomination which saw the politician pitted against Barack Obama had dismissed the erroneous statement as a "misstatement."
Hillary Clinton’s new book comes after her husband, former president Bill Clinton, co-wrote two novels with James Patterson, “The President’s Daughter” and “The President Is Missing”, delving into the political and personal struggles of a fictitious US president.
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