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Mask Mandates Reinstated Over the US

Mask Mandates Reinstated Over the USA
On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan discuss the reality behind the withdrawal of Simone Biles from the Olympics, the Galileo Project, lab-grown meat, the effects of poverty on developing children, and new CDC masks recommendations.
Emily Giambalvo -  Sports writer for the Washington Post | Simone Biles Controversy
Avi Loeb - Professor in plasma physics and member at the Institute for advanced study in Princeton | Galileo Project
Mallory McLaren - Attorney and bioethics professor | Lab-Grown Meat
Dr. Theopia Jackson - Clinical Psychologist and member of the association of Black Psychologists | Pathway Forward
In the first hour, Emily Giambalvo joined the show to talk about the withdrawal of Simone Biles from the Olympics and the sheer difficulty of the stunts she performs. Is mental health a good enough reason to recuse yourself from this Olympic stage?
In the second hour Fault Lines was joined by Avi Loeb to talk about the Galileo Project; an AI network of telescopes searching for extraterrestrial life and civilizations. We were then joined by Mallory McLaren to discuss stem cell technologies and 3D printing used to cultivate lab-grown meat products.
In the third hour, Dr. Theopia Jackson joined the conversation for an analysis on the development of children in impoverished and/or violent communities.
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