Boris Johnson’s New Tiers are the Tears of a Clown!

© REUTERS / POOLBritain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks during a news conference on the ongoing situation with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), at Downing Street, in London, Britain November 26, 2020. Jamie Lorriman/Pool via REUTERS
Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks during a news conference on the ongoing situation with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), at Downing Street, in London, Britain November 26, 2020.  Jamie Lorriman/Pool via REUTERS - Sputnik International
A dangerous clown who has spent most of the year delaying and dithering in Downing Street.

Boris has released us from a national lockdown only to put the majority of us back into an even more draconian one, as I predicted in my last column.

99 percent of us living in England are now in the top 2 tiers. We are in lockdown 3!

However, if he had consulted with the regional mayors we might not be faced with the ridiculous inconsistencies that pubs and other businesses are pointing out today. No wonder Tory back benchers are revolting.

In my own area of Warwickshire, he has put places like Stratford in tier three along with more urban areas like Nuneaton. It makes no sense, and forget about Tory MPs revolting and rebelling, I can see ordinary people beginning to break too.

A woman wearing a face mask walks in Manchester, England, Monday, 19 October 2020 - Sputnik International
Tories Slam ‘Authoritarianism' as PM Johnson Reportedly Faces Revolt Ahead of Vote on COVID Tiers

Just what have he and Hancock been doing for the past month? Where is the planning? The consultation with people closer to the ground in the regions? Where is the fully worked out plan with the science and figures to back it up?!

Just as with their failure to get a viable test, track and trace system in place during the period of the first lockdown they have failed again. How much more money and time do they need to succeed?

More importantly, why are we allowing Boris to play Russian Roulette with our lives, our economy and our future?

Playing to the gallery of the tabloids, he tells us that we'll have a festive relaxation of the rules but his chief medical officer doesn’t even wait for the press conference to end before telling us not to hug or kiss our granny in case we kill her!

I thought Boris was following the science?!

At a photo opportunity, in a laboratory today, Boris tells us that to split counties would lead to confusion and lack of clarity. Is the buffoon having a laugh?

Lawmakers await the result of the vote on The European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill in the House of Commons in London, Friday Dec. 20, 2019. British lawmakers approved in principle Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill, clearing the way for the U.K. to leave the European Union next month. The House of Commons voted 358-234 on Friday for the Withdrawal Agreement Bill. - Sputnik International
As Tory Rebellion Looms Over COVID Tiers What Other Revolts Did Boris Johnson Face?
He and his useless Health Secretary, Hancock, have consistently failed to provide clarity from day one of the pandemic.

It wasn’t the general public who laughed at the uses of masks and who shook hands with everyone on Coronavirus wards.

It wasn’t us who allowed Cheltenham and large-scale events to go ahead and spread the disease.

It wasn’t the General Public who allowed airports to remain open and let travellers come in for months from Covid hotspots around the globe including Italy and Wuhan.

Boris, it was you!

You have consistently put your libertarian values in front of the safety of the public.

Your desire to be loved is greater than your desire to protect us and our businesses.

I was in favour of the first lockdown, but I wanted it much earlier and much harsher and to hell with all this BS about civil liberties. We can have the Guardian discussions later if we live!

Boris’ dithering has just added fuel to the conspiracy theorists who believe that this is all a ‘plandemic.’

It could also harm the uptake of the vaccine when it becomes available.

Again, Boris will have more blood on his hands, just as he has from the stupid, disastrous decision to send the elderly back into care homes without even testing them.

The first lockdown and our efforts did suppress the virus but the second one was at least 2 or 3 weeks too late.

Why were schools left open when we know that kids are spreaders, I refer you to the 'hug a grannie at Christmas' thing? Why were students sent back to university to became prisoners in their halls and be taught on Zoom!

Where's the plan?

You either have a lockdown or you don’t and what a lockdown is supposed to do is buy you time to organise your defences.

Now as well as killing over 50 thousand of us the pandemic is going to kill our economy. The news today that Arcadia is going to the wall with 15 thousand jobs is just the latest piece of disastrous news.

I was in tears last night watching top chef, Tom Kerridge’s programme about saving the British pub.

People, some wearing masks queue outside a John Lewis store, in London, Thursday, July 16, 2020. Unemployment across the U.K. has held steady during the coronavirus lockdown as a result of a government salary support scheme, but there are clear signals emerging that job losses will skyrocket over coming months - Sputnik International
UK Prime Minister Says Three-Tiered System Best Way to Avoid Spike in COVID-19 Cases
Tom and those publicans were working their butts off to save their businesses and then Covid struck and still the gaffers bounced back during the first lockdown and re-invented their businesses.

It was obviously pitched as a cheap presenter-led soft documentary series but it turned out to as hard hitting as a some of the classic Panoramas.

It showed the true grit of us Brits and like that old war slogan we always stay calm and carry on.

The whole cabinet should be tied to their chairs and forced to watch the programme and learn from the resilience and hard graft of these pub operators.

We’ve all done our bit but now it is time for Boris to do his or to move aside and let someone else take charge.

We need a man with a plan in charge, not a clown with a joke and a quip.

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