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No Apology: Piers Morgan Gives Trump a Piece of His Mind & Some Advice for Election

© AP Photo / Vianney Le CaerBritish journalist Piers Morgan (File)
British journalist Piers Morgan (File) - Sputnik International
The famous journalist suggested that Trump should get serious and stop warring with the media, and cut tweeting "so much irrelevant crap".

The famous journalist suggested that Trump should get serious and stop warring with the media - and cut tweeting "so much irrelevant crap".

Popular English journalist and TV personality Piers Morgan has stepped forward to tackle the apparent falling out between him and US President Donald Trump which occurred recently when the latter unfollowed Morgan on Twitter.

Addressing the US head of state via an article published by the Daily Mail, Morgan promptly said that he makes no apology for using "very forceful language to convey my dismay at such reckless, shocking and woefully irresponsible behavior" displayed by Trump earlier – an apparent reference to Morgan's previous DM column in which he berated Trump for seemingly suggesting that injecting disinfectant into COVID-19 patients may help to cure them.

"You are the most powerful person in America and your words carry enormous weight and consequence", Morgan wrote in his latest article. "Within hours of you suggesting it might be a good idea to use bleach, one public health hotline in one state – Maryland – received 100 phone calls asking about whether they should use household detergent to combat the virus, and was forced to issue an alert warning people not to try it."

Using that situation, as well as the fact that New York City’s Poison Control Center apparently received similar calls, as an example of “how dangerous” Trump's rhetoric can be, the journalist insisted that "when it comes to floating mad ideas about potential ‘cures’ for coronavirus”, the US president “should shut the f*ck up".

"I can understand why such direct language from a long-time friend may have offended you, and I understood that when I wrote it. You have a notoriously thin skin and take any criticism very badly", he wrote. "But I’ve always believed the best friends are ones unafraid to offer blunt unvarnished criticism to someone who is behaving in a shockingly self-destructive way, especially when that person is the President of the United States during a global pandemic".

Also, acknowledging the possibility that their 15-year friendship might be at an end, Morgan proceeded to offer Trump some genuine advice which he said may help Trump to get re-elected as POTUS.

President Donald Trump smiles during State of the Union address in the House chamber of the U.S. Capitol to a joint session of Congress Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018 in Washington - Sputnik International
Trump Claims Remark About Injecting Disinfectant in COVID-19 Patients Was 'Sarcasm'

Urging Trump to "get serious", to stop warring with the media and to display more empathy and compassion, the journalist also advised him to stop praising himself, to let experts handle medical statements and to "cut tweeting so much irrelevant crap".

"You’ve dug yourself into a horrible hole, Donald, and you’re making it deeper with everything you do and say", Morgan warned. "However, if you heed my advice, and begin to guide the country through its darkest hour with a more serious, consistent, determined and empathetic style, then I believe there is still a chance the American people will forgive you and reward you with re-election later this year."
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