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Malaysia’s Ex-King Regrets ‘Choices Made in Private Life’ After Break Up With Russian Beauty Queen

© Photo : Instagram/Rihana Oksna Voevodina Rihana Oksana Voevodina and Sultan Muhammad V, former King of Malaysia
Rihana Oksana Voevodina and Sultan Muhammad V, former King of Malaysia - Sputnik International
The couple married in Moscow last year in a secret Islamic ceremony that came before King Muhammad abdicated his throne in January. The reports about Muhammad’s divorce with former Miss Moscow Rihana Oksana Voevodina emerged in June.

Sultan Muhammad V, the former King of Malaysia, has expressed regret over “the personal choices made in his private life” after he married Russian beauty queen Rihana Oksana Voevodina, the Daily Mail reports, referring to an official statement issued by the royal palace.

This “has caused confusion amongst the rakyat [people], leading to dissension on social media when fuelled with unreliable hearsay”, according to the statement.

The document went on to say that the Sultan, who gave up his throne in January but who remains the ruler of Kelantan province, claimed that he and Voevodina had divorced, slamming his former wife over “lies on social media”.

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Bagi ramai orang, kisah pertemuan pertama saya dengan suami saya tetap menjadi misteri. Kami bertemu pada musim bunga 2017 di Eropah. Pada masa itu saya bekerjasama dengan rakan karib kami, Jacob Arabo. Selepas acara itu, kami pergi untuk makan malam, di mana saya berjumpa dengan seorang lelaki, dan beliau memperkenalkan dirinya sebagai Raja Malaysia. Saya menganggap itu sebagai jenaka semata-mata, dan saya pula bergurau bahawa saya juga adalah ratu di Moscow. Kami berbual sepanjang malam dan bertukar nombor telefon. Tidak lama kemudian terdapat berita yang muncul mengenai pelantikan raja, yang merupakan kawan baru saya ... untuk diteruskan For many people, the story of our first meeting with my husband remains to be a mystery. We met in spring 2017 in Europe. At that time I cooperated with our common friend jeweler Jacob Arabo. After the event, we went for dinner, where I met a man, and he introduced himself as king of Malaysia. I took it as a joke and joked back that I was also the queen of Moscow. We talked all evening and exchanged phone numbers. Soon there were news appeared about the appointment of the king, who was my new friend... to be continued Для многих людей остаётся загадкой история нашего знакомства с мужем. Это случилось в Европе, весной 2017 года. На тот момент я сотрудничала с нашим общим знакомым ювелиром Джейкобом Арабо. После мероприятия мы отправились на ужин, где я познакомилась с мужчиной, и он представился королем Малайзии. Я восприняла это как шутку и пошутила в ответ, что я тоже королева Москвы. Мы проговорили весь вечер и обменялись номерами телефонов. Вскоре в прессе появились новости о назначении короля, которым и был мой новый знакомый... продолжение следует

Публикация от Rihana Oksana Petra (@rihanapetra)

He argued that she “defamed the royal family” by posting a spate of tweets that sparked the divorce row.

“The Kelantan Palace is deeply upset and condemns the dissemination of private pictures of His Royal Highness Sultan Muhammad V on social media and all inappropriate postings on His Royal Highness's personal and private matters on social media.  The Kelantan Palace strongly denies any and all comments that are untrue and defamatory that were posted along with the pictures”, the statement adds.

This comes after Voevodina, who is Miss Moscow 2015 , insisted in a recent post on Instagram that parents “should spend as much time as possible with their baby”, an apparent reference to the Sultan reportedly disowning their child.

She also pledged to reveal more about their relationship, adding, “I know that everyone really wants to know what happened to us”.

She further claimed that she had not received any divorce documentation from her former husband. According to Voevodina, King Mohammad told her that “women always used him for money” and that “nobody gave him any babies”.

“He told me that he never had children, and that was the biggest dream of his life”, she added.

The couple married in Moscow in 2018 in a secret ceremony which was followed by media reports about the two’s divorce in July 2019, several months after the Sultan gave up his throne amid growing pressure in Malaysia over their relationship.

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