UK Female Soldiers Warned Against Mocking SAS Recruits’ Penis Size

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The markedly nasty comments typically come as part of a final training session in an “Escape and Evasion” course, with recruits noting certain double standards in the approach, since reciprocal remarks about female interrogators’ private parts are strictly forbidden.

It appears that soldiers taking part in the selection process for the British elite force, the Special Air Service, commonly referred to as SAS, strip off for mock questioning, including by females, who frequently go ahead with sassy comments about the recruits’ manhoods.

However, now they have been warned against the unacceptable, in terms of political correctness, mockery, after a soldier complained to senior officers about his treatment while being questioned during a compulsory “Resistance to Interrogation” drill.

According to a source cited by the Daily Star, “it can be humiliating”, “but they are looking for a response”. The source went on to state that the female interrogators are “trying to make you snap and react”, which the recruits should by no means do, since if so, “you are on the road to failure”. “You just have to grin and bear it”, the source went on, adding people react differently, with some managing to laugh it off, but others “can get quite annoyed about it”, he stressed.

“The women come in and humiliate you and the easiest way to do that is to make fun of your penis size”, the source noted, going on to detail the physical details of the recruits during a mock interrogation. 

“When you are cold, wet, dehydrated and hungry it has an effect on certain parts of your anatomy. Some parts of your extremities can shrink and shrivel”, he said, noting the female interrogators intentionally exploit the soldiers’ vulnerability, while they themselves would not be allowed to comment on the fair sex’s breasts or backside even as part of an exercise.

The said mock interrogation comes as part of a 36-hour “Resistance to Interrogation” training exercise, which is in turn an element of an “Escape and Evasion” course. The training lasts around two weeks and is a must for those aiming to serve in the Special Forces, be it the SAS, SBS or the Special Reconnaissance Regiment. 

First, soldiers are tracked and are expected to do their best to avoid capture, but when caught in the mock operation, they get stripped and are made to stand in uncomfortable positions being interrogated by a mixture of male and female soldiers, with the latter being selected from across the armed forces for assisting twice a year in the selection of SAS troops.

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The practice has been around for more than 25 years, with women soldiers considered to be exceptionally good at “breaking troops.”

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