Neo-Nazi Website Booted from ISPs Now Hosted in Predominantly Black Country

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Neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer which hid in the Dark web after being blacklisted by GoDaddy, Google and a Russian domain host for its racist and fascist views, is now being hosted by a domain in the British territory of Anguilla, where most of the population identifies as Black or African.

The white supremacist website was blacklisted from popular domains in August when editor Andrew Anglin wrote a post attacking Heather Heyer, after she was killed by a white supremacist driving a car into assembled pedestrians at a neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, according to the Intercept reported. 

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The homepage of the racist website, which now has an Anguillan domain, includes a section called "Race War" that features articles with headlines like "Black Murdered White Girl He Was Pimping Out" and "Trial Starts for Black Who Murdered Two College Students 23 Years Ago."

The white supremacist website includes several articles supporting Steve Bannon, former White House strategist for US President Donald Trump.

In an article published this past weekend with the headline "Steve Bannon Rallies California GOP While Ripping Zionist Terrorist George W. Bush," a writer stated, "Bannon's war on the Republican establishment is very important. It will ultimately determine if Trump is able to accomplish big things in his first term as president."

"He already has one win under his belt. Roy Moore's victory in Alabama was huge. The Republican establishment threw $30 million supporting Luther Strange's campaign and they lost by 10 points. We need similar types of victories around the country. Most critically, we need victories in the senate," the piece stated. 

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The article described how wins by politicians like ultraconservative Moore will allow white supremacy to flourish.

"Destroying what's left of the Republican establishment is of great importance. It will provide a path for us to finally begin having real discussions about ethnic nationalism, race and how we are going to deal with the Jewish infestation of our nation," according to the article.

The endorsements of Bannon and Moore come shortly after an article on the Daily Stormer applauded Bannon on his speech to the Values Voter Summit during which the former White House advisor declared "war" on the GOP establishment. In the article on the white supremacist website, Bannon's speech was referred to as "phase two of the Trumpist revolution."

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