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Journalist Accuses Moscow of Alleged Meddling in Mexican Politics

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Mexico City - Sputnik International
Mexican journalist and columnist for the El Financiero newspaper Fernando Garcia Ramirez has accused Russia of meddling in Mexican politics. According to him, "the dark hand" of Russian President Vladimir Putin has already reached Mexico, with Moscow trying to influence the presidential election in the country that is to take place next year.

In his article titled "The Russian Threat to Mexico" ("La amenaza rusa en México"), the journalist accused the Kremlin of allegedly attempting "to appoint its man" as the head of the country, referring to the opposition leader Andres Manuel López Obrador whom he called "an authoritarian populist."

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According to the journalist, Moscow's ability to "influence" politics in any corner of the planet has been demonstrated many times. The examples, according to Ramirez, are the victory of Donald Trump in the United States, Brexit in Britain, and the recent defeat of former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in a referendum on constitutional reform.

Explaining the reasons why it might be beneficial for Russia to influence the election in Mexico, the newspaper columnist wrote that it would be "convenient" for Moscow to have an "anti-American" politician on this post.

The journalist also believes that the Kremlin will use RT TV channel as "its favorite weapon" as well as "a key instrument of Russian propaganda." According to him, the media source already has its agent in Mexico, referring to Mexican analyst John Ackerman, who published several critical articles about the Mexican authorities on the RT website.

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Meanwhile, the article caused a wave of ridicule in social networks.

"I have not seen such a frightening title and such an empty content for long time," a man named Hugo Ortega Romero wrote.

"Ha-ha-ha, of course, Russia is to blame for absolutely everything," Leonardo Guzmán Vázquez continued.

Mexican journalist Gabriel Infante Carrillo confessed in an interview with Sputnik Mundo that he also "almost died of laughter" when he read the article.

According to him, the article is part of a slander campaign against Lopez Obrador, leader of the left opposition, whose support in the country is growing. However, this has nothing to do with "external factors" and Russian media, Carillo argued.

"The article in the El Financiero is directed not so much against Russia but rather against the opposition leader Lopez Obrador, a leftist candidate in the upcoming presidential election. The fact is that his popularity has been growing, which is why the probability that he will win is quite high. That is why the media supporting the authorities do everything to discredit him. And thus, they decided to follow the example of their American colleagues, who never stop talking about the alleged Russian contribution to the victory of Donald Trump. Thus, we see another example of how artificial anti-Russian hysteria has been used for political purposes," the journalist stated.


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