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Bernie Sanders Calls on Trump to Stop Turning Public Angst Against Minorities

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Sanders - Sputnik International
The former contender for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination and US Senator Bernie Sanders warned President-elect Donald Trump to steer clear from transferring dissatisfaction among the American people onto minorities and women during his tenure in office.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) —  The statement appeared on Sanders' Twitter on Thursday.

"If Donald Trump takes people's anger and turns it against Muslims, Hispanics, African Americans and women, we will be his worst nightmare."

​Sanders claimed that Trump tapped into the anger felt among many members of America’s middle class.

"We can't be a party which cozies up to Wall Street, raises money from billionaires and stands with working families. We've got to pick a side," Sanders wrote of the Democratic Party.

​The senator added that the party needs to focus on the issues important to grassroots America, not the wealthy.

On Wednesday, Sanders said he is ready to work with President-elect Donald Trump.

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