No Pressure: Why the EU is Fine With Ukraine Violating the Minsk Agreements

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Flags of Ukraine and the European Union in Kiev - Sputnik International
The European Union follows the United States when it comes to foreign policy, and isn't using any pressure to make Ukraine implement the terms of the Minsk Agreements despite its claims, a political analyst told RIA Novosti.

The European Union isn't using its influence on Kiev when it comes implementing the Minsk Agreement to resolve the conflict in the south-east of the country, the deputy director of the Center for Ukrainian and Belarusian Studies at Moscow State University Bogdan Bezpalko told RIA Novosti.

The head of the European Union delegation in Russia, Vygaudas Usackas, said earlier in an interview with RIA Novosti, that "the European Union is actively encouraging and exerting pressure, so that not only Moscow, but also Kiev fully respects and implements the Minsk Agreements." He also noted that the EU considers Russian statements that it is advantageous for Ukraine to torpedo the Minsk Agreements incorrect.

"I have not seen any public statements by the German Chancellor, the French President, or a number of high officials of the EU that Kiev violates the agreement that it should withdraw the troops, or that it must immediately comply with the clauses of the Minsk Agreement on granting special status to the Donbass or giving social benefits to Ukrainian citizens on the territory of Donbass," the expert told RIA Novosti.

Briefing by Russian Foreign Office spokesperson Maria Zakharova - Sputnik International
EU Pushes Ukraine to Violate Commitments to Russia, CIS States - Moscow
According to Bezpalko, such statements by the representative of the European Union can be interpreted as "soft support for Kiev." He noted that when Ukraine builds up arms in the Donbass and captures villages in the buffer zone in violation of the Minsk agreements, there is no condemnation from Brussels.

According to him, if such application is constantly heard in public, "Usackas' words would have a basis" in reality.

"So what does he base his claim on? On some documents? Let him present them. On some consultations? Let him also declare them," said Bezpalko.

When asked why the EU is not actively working with Kiev on the implementation of the Minsk Agreement, Bezpalko replied that, in his opinion, it was due to the fact that Brussels has lost political independence and follows in the footsteps of US policy.

"The US does not exert pressure on Kiev. There have been no statements by [US Vice President Joseph] Biden on the need to comply with the Minsk Agreements. The EU does not have any influence on events in Ukraine. Even after the "Minsk-2" (February 12 agreement), where France and Germany were the guarantors. The EU cannot and does not want to pressure [Ukraine], because it is not a major political force, and does not undertake such tasks," he concluded.

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