Greek Crisis: Merkel Supports Hard Line Strategy Against Greece

© AP Photo / Michael SohnGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel
German Chancellor Angela Merkel - Sputnik International
Germany has been repeatedly criticized for its tough attitude towards Greece with regard to the debt issue. However, German Chancellor Angela Merkel supports this approach, saying that this is not a time for being “nice”, Der Spiegel reported.

Angela Merkel defended the hard course towards Greece regarding financial issues and the dispute over further loans.

"It will not help when we are now nice with each other and in two or three years, it [the situation] becomes even worse than it already is today," she said as cited by the magazine.

Angela Merkel: Not an Angel for Sinking Greece
Merkel also stated that the Greek government has changed its approach in a positive way due to the hard stance of Germany and other European countries.

According to the politician, Athens "realized that a country can only come to his feet when there are real reforms in place," Merkel argued. Replying to the question of whether Germany's reputation had suffered because of its tough policy towards the EU country she said: "We had very, very much support."

According to the new agreement with the international creditors, Greece is expected to receive a third financial aid package, amounting to 86 billion euros. In return, Athens agreed to carry out comprehensive reforms and take required austerity measures.

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