US-Cuba Thaw: Is it Really Time to Raise A Toast?

US-Cuba Thaw: Is it Really Time to Raise A Toast?
Following the history-making restoration of diplomatic ties, the US and Cuba reopened their respective embassies in Havana and Washington. Despite the upbeat mood in the two capitals, however, huge challenges lie ahead.

In an article entitled “US Prepares Regime Change in Cuba”, carried by Sputnik, Panamanian journalist and sociologist Marco A. Gandásegui Hijo is quoted as telling our Spanish-language service that:

“The United States is plotting a regime change in Cuba which, for its part, is trying to reopen the trade channels Washington sealed more than half a century ago. In any case, there is a great difference between these two objectives.”

He chillingly notes that “The US financial oligarchy managed to convince all other elements of the American ruling class that the Cuban Revolution would not collapse even without the Soviet help that ended late last century… The Americans also realized the need for an invasion, not military but economic and financial, so that they can use the money they invest in Cuba to destabilize the Revolution.”

Alexander Domrin, professor of law at the Higher School of Economics (studio guest) and Efrain Rios Suarez, retired political activist from NYC commented on the issue.

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