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Russia's Eastern Military District Receives New Reconnaissance Station

© Sputnik / Igor Zarembo / Go to the mediabankMilitary exercise for 152mm caliber self-propelled artillery vehicles "Akatsiya" in the military firing range "Dobrovolsky" on the Lithuania-Russia border
Military exercise for 152mm caliber self-propelled artillery vehicles Akatsiya in the military firing range Dobrovolsky on the Lithuania-Russia border - Sputnik International
The PSNR-8M stations can be used to detect objects located as far as 18.6 miles in low visibility and under any weather conditions.

Border police on Kuril Islands - Sputnik International
Russian Military on Kuril Islands to Get Brand New Laser Ranging Devices
The military patrol of the motorized rifle brigades in Russia's Eastern Military District received the PSNR-8M system, a new ground reconnaissance radar station with a range exceeding 30 kilometers (18.6 miles).

The Eastern Military District started drills that would see personnel learning how to locate ground and aerial targets both in the daytime and at nighttime using the PSNR-8M. Servicemen are also expected to learn cross-country navigation and situational assessment via electronic maps generated by the new radar station.

The PSNR-8M stations are capable of detecting objects located as far as 18.6 miles in low visibility and under any weather conditions. The stations are indispensable in case smoke or aerosol screens are deployed.

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