Russia Needs to Speak out Despite European Media Blockade: European Party

© Flickr / Faungg's photoRussia should continue pressing ahead with its position despite the European media blockade.
Russia should continue pressing ahead with its position despite the European media blockade. - Sputnik International
The chairman of the European People's Party said that the only way "to break the wall" between Russia and the European Union is to continue speaking out and exchanging positions on many international issues.

MOSCOW, November 25(Sputnik), Svetlana Alexandrova — Russia should continue pressing ahead with its position despite the European media blockade, the chairman of the European People's Party told Sputnik Tuesday.

As the crisis in Ukraine escalated, Western media hit hard on Russia, blaming it for contributing to the already tense situation in the country. Moscow has repeatedly denied these claims and said the United States, the European Union and its allies were turning a deaf ear to what is really happening in Ukraine.

"Today Russia is not given a chance to vocalize its position on important matters because Russia's voice is simply blocked due to the Obama's aspiration to recommence the Cold War scenario," Luka Volonte, who is also the president of the Novae Terrae foundation said in the interview.

Volonte believes that the only way "to break the wall" between Russia and the European Union is to continue speaking out and exchanging positions on many international issues.

"Russian officials, starting with the Russian State Duma [lower house of the parliament] representatives, should continue working with different institutions in Europe," he said adding that "this will put the EU in a great difficulty due to the fact that Europe won't be able to stay away from the dialogue with Russia."

The Italian politician believes that this "misunderstanding" between Europe and Russia is a result of Obama's desire to convince the European Union that European nations are currently living in the Cold War era.

"Many politicians manipulate media, trying to impose an idea that Russia is not a real democracy and slowly moving back to the Soviet Union era," Volonte said, adding that he, personally, doesn't believe so but thinks that "Europe and Russian need to restore confidence in each other."

Volonte also noted that Russian diplomacy is crucial for many spheres in global foreign policy, as well as its membership of international organizations.

"Without Russia we cannot preserve very important values in our lives such as a respect of human rights or a respect of minorities," he said adding that "now it is a time to change this misconception of Russia that many Europeans live with being misled by mass media or forced to believe in by the Obama's administration."

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