03:42 GMT19 May 2021
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    As is usually the case with global gatherings, an increased focus wasn’t only on the world leaders’ words but on their body language as well.

    Donald Trump was seen having a light-hearted chat with Argentina’s First Lady Juliana Awada as the G20 leaders posed for a family photo in front of Osaka Castle on Friday evening.

    Standing next to Japan’s Shinzo Abe in the front row, a sprightful Trump greeted Awada with a kiss on each cheek, as her husband, Mauricio Macri, was talking with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

    Trump then backed up his charm by making a comment to Argentina’s power couple, who were standing right behind, to have those standing nearby burst into fits of giggles.

    Melania was nowhere to be seen.

    While such interactions are a common diplomatic tool, sort of, many people couldn’t help but give it special treatment.

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