22:58 GMT07 May 2021
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    Last month the Hollywood star, who has been an outspoken vegan for almost a decade, released a film, “Eating Animals,” based on the book by Jonathan Safran Foer, which she said became the reason why she decided to go with a plant-based lifestyle.

    In a video for the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), actress Natalie Portman paid tribute to Nobel laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer, highlighting the renowned writer’s compassion and concern for animals.

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    The Israeli-American star quoted a couple of lines from Singer’s famous novel “Shosha,” which appear to compare meat-eating to Hitler-era atrocities: “We do to God’s creatures what the Nazis did to us.”

    The video campaign was released to mark the 40th anniversary of Singer receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature, with Portman speaking of his Jewish background.

    “Isaac Singer grew up in the same part of Poland as my family. And like them, he fled the horrors of the Holocaust. But the cruelties he witnessed made Singer one of the most powerful writers of the 20th century,” she told the viewers, suggesting that the heroes in his novels were ahead of their time by standing up for animal rights.

    As the actress honored Singer, who also was a vegetarian for the last 35 years of his life, she further cited his well-known words: “I did not become a vegetarian for my health. I did it for the health of chicken.”

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    This is not the first time PETA has compared eating meat to the Nazi atrocities towards Jews – in 2009, a German court banned the animal rights group from using photos of Nazi concentration camp inmates alongside pictures of abused animals as part of the campaign called “Holocaust on your Plate.”

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