00:43 GMT29 July 2021
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    Tensions Mount as Douma Provocation Triggers Syria Strike Threat (107)

    Footages reportedly taken in Syria shows air-defense interceptors taking flight after US President Donald Trump announced that the US, UK and France would strike Syria.

    "God bless you, God bless you," a man can be heard saying, shortly after the interceptor seemed to collide with a missile, making a large boom sound.

    "F*ck those American bastards," the man from the video says.

    A photo, showing an alleged Syrian army soldier near a downed Western missile has also appeared online.

    The Syrian Army reports shooting down 20 US, UK and French missiles. When asked about the missiles, the Pentagon said during a briefing that it could not comment on the reports. 

    Also, a Sputnik correspondent reported that US strikes did not hit the presidential palace or government buildings in Damascus.

    After the strike, the Syrian Ambassador in China thanked Russia for “standing by us,” saying that Russia’s efforts helped to thwart a larger-scale attack.

    "Enemies carried out strikes on our army. But we will endure. I am going to work now, life goes on,” a district resident told Sputnik.

    On Friday night, Trump said that strike operations were underway in response to an alleged attack in Douma, which Damascus and Moscow maintain was a false flag. Analysts are puzzled by the logic of Trump's decision to stand up against "Gas Animal Assad" by raining explosives on Syria and killing Syrians. 

    Damascus, Homs, a research facility in Barzeh, and an IRGC base in Qasioun Mountain have reportedly been targeted during the military operations. 

    Tensions Mount as Douma Provocation Triggers Syria Strike Threat (107)
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