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    Man with a club

    'Embrace Islam, Santa': Club-Wielding Turk Prepares Rooftop Ambush (VIDEO)

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    The real St. Nick may have lived and died in Anatolia long before the Byzantine Empire fell, but one fanatical modern Turkish Islamist is armed and ready to take on Kris Kringle.

    A viral video featuring an armed Turkish Muslim lying in wait for Santa’s arrival on the roof of his house has taken Greek and Turkish social media networks by storm.

    "I’m waiting for Santa. When he comes, I’ll tell him to convert to Islam, the true faith," says the man, Nusret Oktar.

    Despite brandishing a club rather than the traditional milk and cookies combo, Oktar insisted that he has no intention of actually beating up Santa, apparently intending to convert the jolly old fellow through strictly peaceful means.

    Additionally, the man expressed concern for Santa’s health, arguing that climbing down chimneys must be rather difficult for the gift-bringer.

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    "Santa is a bit portly and chimneys are rather narrow. How can he climb down this chimney? If I see Santa, I’ll tell him ‘Stop climbing down chimneys, you could fall ill. Come, accept Islam’," he added.

    The video was published on 4chan Telegram channel on January 7.


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