22:37 GMT10 April 2021
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    Alexander Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Gazprom company's management committee, stated that the Stockholm arbitration has not struck down the take or pay clause from Gazrom's contract with the Ukrainian energy company Naftogaz.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russia’s Gazprom and Ukraine’s Naftogaz will present on June 30 their counter-arguments and comments on the preliminary decision of the Stockholm arbitration, this does not mean that the final decision will be made on the same day, Alexander Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Gazprom company's management committee, said Tuesday.

    "The date you named, June 30, this is the date for presentation of counter-arguments and comments. This does not mean that the final decision will follow on June 30. Besides, we know how frequently arbitrations can change the decision date," Medvedev told reporters.

    The Stockholm arbitration has not struck down the take or pay clause from Gazrom's contract with the Ukrainian energy company Naftogaz, according to Alexander Medvedev.

    "We have just touched on one issue, that the arbitration decision canceled take or pay. This is not so, it did not cancel take or pay. I will not tell you what is really there, but there is no cancellation of take or pay," Medvedev said at a briefing.

    Alexander Medvedev also stated that Gazprom benefits on balance with the Stockholm arbitration's latest preliminary ruling on a dispute with Ukraine's Naftogaz over a gas deliveries contract.

    "The balance of this decision is positive for Gazprom, even the preliminary stage. The volume of this balance will be determined based on the final decision of the arbitration," Medvedev said at a briefing.

    Deputy chairman of the Gazprom company's management committee added that Gazprom is ready to enter into negotiations with Ukraine on the issue of gas deliveries after 2019.

    "We are ready to enter into negotiations. we are inviting our Ukrainian colleagues to visit us. Since they are providing a service, there is nothing malicious in visiting us. Besides, they have always come to us to discuss transit," Medvedev said when asked over plans to supply gas to Ukraine after 2019.

    Last Wednesday, Gazprom confirmed the receipt of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC) interlocutory judgment. It said that the 790-page document needed to be analyzed and noted that the judgment contained only legal terms and no financial issues.

    The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry specified that the SCC lifted the ban on re-export of Russian natural gas by Ukraine and ruled to review the take or pay price formula stipulated by the gas deliveries contract between Gazprom and Naftogaz.


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