06:01 GMT +321 February 2017
    Antonov An-30

    Turkey Blocks Russian Flight Under Open Skies Treaty, Moscow Vows Response

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    Ankara has violated the Open Skies Treaty by not allowing Russian inspectors to conduct a scheduled inspection flight over the Turkish territory, a move that Moscow will not leave without proper response, the Russian Defense Ministry said Wednesday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Russian inspectors were scheduled to perform an observation flight on board the An-30B plane over the Turkish territory within the framework of the Open Skies Treaty on February 1-5.

    "The itinerary included the observation of areas adjacent to the Turkish border with Syria, as well as airfields that host NATO warplanes. However, after the arrival of the Russian mission to Turkey and the announcement of the desired itinerary, the Turkish military officials refused to allow the inspection flight citing an order from the Turkish Foreign Ministry," head of the ministry’s National Nuclear Risk Reduction Center Sergey Ryzhkov said in a statement.

    Ryzhkov called the Turkish move "a dangerous precedent of uncontrolled military activity carried out by a member of the Open Skies Treaty.

    "We are not going to leave this violation of the treaty by Turkey without proper attention and adequate response," the official stressed.


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      Could the reason for this be that Turkey has massive amounts of armour and troups on the border to Syria,, waiting for the right moment to invade ?
    • Jet fuel can't melt steel beamsin reply toLinda(Show commentHide comment)
      Linda, I was wondering about it as well. By the way i think erdo is a schizo guy (shelling a town in Syria now blocking Russian flights....while trying to meet Putin).
    • Huh?
      This certainly is becoming an increasing intriguing situation. It has all the appearance that someone is planning to do something devious and dastardly....I think I hear that evil chuckle in the distance.
      What a good ploy to get Turkey to block. Keep upping the ante....soon enough, someone is gonna call the bluff.
    • Huh?in reply toJet fuel can't melt steel beams(Show commentHide comment)
      Jet fuel can't melt steel beams,
      Next will be to break the Montreux Convention on the Bosphorus Straits
    • Jet fuel can't melt steel beamsin reply toHuh?(Show commentHide comment)
      Huh?, Hope I will be alive to see that happen .
    • Huh?
      ivanwa88, I almost think NATO would be a willing party...based on mystical Russian aggression...I.E.....they sailed their boats through the Bosphorus and McCain didn't like it.
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      Russia has abided by its obligations under the Open Skies treaty, as have the U.S., Canada, Germany, etc. If Turkey isn't going to abide by their obligations under the treaty, then they should be denied any future benefits under the treaty.
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      ivanwa88, NATO will not send ground troops into an area where they do not control the airspace. NATO's mutual defense clause only kicks in when a member is attacked on their own territory, not when a member engages in activity in a foreign nation. If Turkey decides to invade Syria and ends up in a war with Iran on Syrian soil, Turkey will be on its own. NATO will not send ground forces into Syria in support of Turkey if they don't control the airspace. Controlling the airspace would require direct attacks on the S-400 by U.S. stealth warplanes or cruise missiles. The U.S. isn't going to confront Russia directly, so that isn't going to happen.
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      cmat.wolfgangin reply tocoolerheads(Show commentHide comment)
      do you really believe that? Practically that doesn't make any sense. If Turkey invades Syria, Turkey can be hit anywhere even at home. Otherwise they could just do such provocations and withdraw. That doesn't make any sense to me. If I would be Russia or Syria, I would go after an intruder wherever he tries to cover!
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      cmat.wolfgangin reply tocmat.wolfgang(Show commentHide comment)
      and I don't think NATO could do much. Nobody wants to start WW3 over some Turkish nut.
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      coolerheadsin reply tocmat.wolfgang(Show commentHide comment)
      It remains to be seen. Turkey could send forces into Syria, and Russia could blow the hell out of Turkish forces inside Syria without risking NATO involvement. But, if Russia launches a strike inside Turkey, then NATO's defense clause gets triggered. However, NATO could then say that Turkey provoked the Russian response and therefore NATO isn't obligated to respond. It probably depends on who's sitting in the White House and how bullish they are feeling. But, would Putin take that risk by launching a strike inside Turkey? Putin is no fool. He isn't going to act rashly and trigger WWIII, not over Syria. Maybe over Ukraine, but not over Syria.
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