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    Flags of Turkey, left, and the European Union fly over the dome of a mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

    Turkey Wants Additional $2Bln From EU for Migrant Crisis Management

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    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1810)

    Ankara wants additional 2 billion euros ($2.16 billion at current exchange rates) from the European Union to tackle the migrant crisis, which will almost double the initially agreed sum, media reported on Saturday.

    Cooperation of European leaders and Ankara to resolve the refugee crisis has been exposed to new challenges, as Turkey seems to have no limits, demanding more and more money from EU countries, German newspaper Welt wrote.

    The Turkish government recently demanded from the EU additional financial assistance to resolve migration crisis, despite the fact that Brussels was ready to provide Ankara with the sum that had been agreed before, the article said.

    "Ankara wants to get five billion dollars, but we are ready to provide only the promised three billion," the newspaper quoted a senior EU diplomat as saying. Moreover, the Turkish Government must understand that Europe may agree on the gradual payment of the promised amount only if it will be able to carefully control the flow of funds received by Ankara, he added.

    According to the newspaper, the EU seeks to invest the money into specific projects such as the construction of new schools and other educational facilities. Brussels wants to strictly control the payments to prevent the situation when the billions will disappear to unknown sources, with only a tiny part of money being spent for the needs of refugees.

    On November 29, the European Union and Turkey approved a joint plan to counter the influx of migrants into the bloc, under which EU member states will give some 3 billion euros to Ankara and fast track the negotiations for its accession to the 28-nation bloc.

    The European Commission approved the creation of a special 3-billion-euro fund for refugees in Turkey, 500 million of which will be allocated by the EC itself, while the remaining 2.5 billion euros will be paid by the EU countries.

    Europe is currently struggling to cope with a massive refugee crisis, with hundreds of thousands of people leaving their crisis-torn countries of origin in North Africa and the Middle East for stable and wealthy EU member states.

    According to the latest Frontex data, about 1.2 million refugees entered the European Union workers over the first 10 months of 2015. The European Commission stated that the current immigration crisis is the biggest since the Second World War.

    Turkey is a key transit route for refugees. According to the UN refugee agency more than 2.5 million Syrian refugees are temporarily living in Turkey, many of whom seek to travel further to Europe.

    Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (1810)


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      How can EU even consider having anything to do with the criminal regime of Turkey? They are supporting daesh and smuggling oil and wepons to and from the terrorists. And surpressing all free speach
      This is abselotely crazy. And who wants criminal turks as members of EU and a visa free zone with them. Merkel is a traitor of EU and should be outsted
      Start building fences for gods sake
      This is clearly a Bribe to Turkey to keep its mouth shut about US and Natos criminal financing and support of Daesh
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      Let's round it to 10bn, why would we waste our time!? Fast forward 2 months and that is exactly where they are going to be. Europe is such a biach.
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      EU know that if they were to handle it, it would cost them 25bn per annum. They do not want to admit it and have been reducing the amount to 17bn but in reality they know 25-30bn is in question. They think, well, if we give 5bn to the Turks we save 20bn per annum. It isn't happening. The Turks do not have intention to save the Syrians. They want to milk EU and they are getting there. Can't stand the prickos but if EU allows them to get away with 5bn, well tough titties.
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      Is this how EU rewards criminals for their crimes. By offering them billions, visa free regime with EU and EU membership? Its time for EU to oust the traitor Merkel out of Power. This looks more like a bribe to Turkey to keep its mouth shut about US and Natos Dirty business of training, financing and supporting Daesh
    • AnomicDust
      The islamist rape-fest gains momentum.
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      armorin reply toLinda(Show commentHide comment)
      Linda, right. Then, I think borders should be re-established, controlled, patrolled, real borders, not mickey mouse borders.
      EU countries should, one by one, leave that entity, reclaim their national independence, currency, etc, accept that the standards of living need to drop, IN ACCEPTING THAT INEVITABILITY, they will keep their technologies, their industries, in their home countries. The excuse of "cheaper labour costs elsewhere" would not apply any more. I suggest: drop the standard of living voluntarily,, be satisfied with less material things, thereby become more independent, proud, self-reliant, be their own bosses, Instead of taking orders from faceless creatures in Brussels and elsewhere who just execute a Master Plan.
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