05:06 GMT20 January 2021
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    The appeal of German Chancellor Angela Merkel is fading and she will face tough times ahead, according to the German news network Deutsche Welle.

    The German news network Deutsche Welle believes that Chancellor Angela Merkel, once the most influential politician in Europe and even the world, will soon face tough times as her popularity ratings plummet and her "political fairy tale" comes to a close.

    According to the Deutsche Welle, Merkel's reputation was based on her wait-and-see tactics, which helped her take important decisions only after the approval of the majority had been guaranteed.

    Deutsche Welle specifically drew attention to Merkel's vague and sophisticated remarks, adding at the same time that the German Chancellor's political course was boring but reassuring.

    "However, all this changed after millions of migrants arrived in Germany," Deutsche Welle pointed out.

    It added that Merkel's ability to freeze conflicts and postpone the solution to problems turned out to be irrelevant when she was faced with the migration crisis.

    Merkel was widely known for being able to learn lessons from others' mistakes, but this time she herself made a mistake, according to Deutsche Welle.

    The news network believes that the writing is already on the wall and Merkel must decide on the future of millions of refugees in Germany as soon as possible.

    If she fails to do so, she will almost certain be asked to resign and Germany will hold snap elections, Deutsche Welle claimed.

    Merkel had previously signaled her readiness to run for the post of chancellor in 2017 — statements that she made long before the country's so-called "open doors" policy enticed migrants to come to Germany, Deutsche Welle concluded.

    According to a Nov. 20 article in Reuters, over 900,000 migrants have been registered in Germany this year, according to the Bavarian Interior Ministry. This figure that is already higher than the number of children born in the country last year (714,966), and the number of deaths (868,373), according to the state statistics office.

    The total number of births in both West and East Germany peaked in 1964 at 1.4 million, and deaths have exceeded births since 1972, according to Reuters.


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