18:42 GMT27 February 2020
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    • Golden Retriever
      Last update: 04:30 GMT 10.02.2020
      04:30 GMT 10.02.2020

      I Believe I Can Swim: Curious Golden Retriever Puppy is Ready to Take the Plunge

      Golden retrievers were bred in the 19th century to bring dead birds back to hunters in Britain, so it should be no surprise that they love playing fetch and the occasional dip in the pool.

    • Little Snake
      Last update: 16:00 GMT 09.02.2020
      16:00 GMT 09.02.2020

      Scary Noodle for a Ring: Cute Little Snake Enjoys Sleeping on Human Hand

      Reptiles might be tough and dangerous predators, but sometimes they are just cute and harmless babies, resembling coloured noodles, who need our loving care and protection. And be sure, they will love you back, showing their gratitude and adoration!

    • Cat Under Bed
      Last update: 11:00 GMT 09.02.2020
      11:00 GMT 09.02.2020

      Cat Summoning Ritual: White Kitty Emerges From Darkness to Get Some Food

      Our feline friends are mysterious and independent creatures, who walk in their secret ways and care only for their bizarre cat business… until humans call them for dinner – which is enough to get them back from another dimension.

    • Golden Retrievers
      Last update: 05:16 GMT 09.02.2020
      05:16 GMT 09.02.2020

      Long Live The King: Big Golden Retriever Accidentally Knocks Little Brother Into Snow

      Doggos are always happy to help each other, but sometimes they are so excited and clumsy that any aid from them becomes dangerous. But at least it is funny to watch them running into objects and falling during their games because they always get up afterwards for more shenanigans!

    • Baby carriage
      Last update: 16:00 GMT 08.02.2020
      16:00 GMT 08.02.2020

      Cute Little Girl Pushes a Dog

      Probably all children want to have a dog. And no wonder - because a dog can become a child’s best friend for many years. Not to mention the fact that dogs can also instil responsibility and discipline in kids.

    • Cat and Box
      Last update: 11:00 GMT 08.02.2020
      11:00 GMT 08.02.2020

      What's Inside? A Curious Cat Examines a Box

      Cats can be completely indifferent to new toys and expensive scratching posts. But there are things they usually won't pass up: cardboard boxes and bags. Size, shape and colour don't matter.

    • Dog
      Last update: 04:30 GMT 08.02.2020
      04:30 GMT 08.02.2020

      Best Friends: Baby and Golden Retriever

      A Golden Retriever is a dog that cannot live without a human. Goldens, if they are purebred, do not have a gene of aggression and cannot protect themselves in the world of wild dogs.

    • Canceled Flight: Sugar Glider Rides Kitten
      Last update: 23:46 GMT 07.02.2020
      23:46 GMT 07.02.2020

      Canceled Flight: Sugar Glider Rides Kitten

      Sugar gliders, adorable, big-eyed wild creatures known for gliding through the air and their love of sugary foods, might soon be even more well-known for their ability to tame a much larger member of the animal kingdom.

    • Vocal Husky Demands Water Bowl Refill
      Last update: 20:25 GMT 07.02.2020
      20:25 GMT 07.02.2020

      Vocal Husky Demands Water Bowl Refill

      When things go awry, some of us are quick to mitigate the problem or grievance by making the issue known. This personality trait seems to apply to certain canines as well, as Zeus the Stubborn Husky recently demonstrated to his owner.

    • Duck
      Last update: 16:00 GMT 07.02.2020
      16:00 GMT 07.02.2020

      Adorable Duck Running Down the Road

      Why did the chicken cross the road? More importantly, why is this duck jogging down the street in such a hurry?

    • Rats
      Last update: 11:10 GMT 07.02.2020
      11:10 GMT 07.02.2020

      Rats Drink Water From Glass

      The fancy rats are a subspecies and domesticated form of gray rats. They have been accompanying people since ancient times. In the 19th century, battles of rats with terriers were popular in England. Since 1856 the rodents began to be used in laboratories, and nowadays they are gaining more and more popularity as "companions".

    • Dog
      Last update: 04:30 GMT 07.02.2020
      04:30 GMT 07.02.2020

      Cute and Lazy Golden Retriever Puppy

      Most dogs love walking. It is enough to say the coveted word “walk”, and the dog is already running to the door, joyfully wagging its tail and casting impatient glances at the leash.

    • Tri-Paw Golden Retriever Plays Hide-and-Seek
      Last update: 19:59 GMT 06.02.2020
      19:59 GMT 06.02.2020

      Tri-Paw Golden Retriever Plays Hide-and-Seek

      Dogs are some of the most tenderhearted creatures on Earth, and just like children, they also love to play with their families. A charming tri-legged canine was recently captured doing just that in the most adorable way.

    •  Animals  Humor
      Last update: 16:00 GMT 06.02.2020
      16:00 GMT 06.02.2020

      Curious Lemur Sees Strawberry for First Time

      The lemur is one of the most mysterious animals. Everyone can imagine a cute animal with big eyes, familiar from the cartoon "Madagascar", but not everyone knows that there are 101 species which differ greatly from each other in their way of life, color, size, and eating habits.

    • Lizard
      Last update: 11:00 GMT 06.02.2020
      11:00 GMT 06.02.2020

      Lizard Resuscitated After Nearly Drowning in Swimming Pool

      The reptile was aptly named Lucky after it was found unconscious by children in a skimmer box of a swimming pool in New South Wales, Australia.

    • The Puppies Club
      Last update: 04:30 GMT 06.02.2020
      04:30 GMT 06.02.2020

      Adorable Golden Retriever Puppy Catches His Own Tail

      When puppies look around and notice a funny ponytail, as if living its own life. Not yet realizing that the tail is part of himself, the puppy tries to catch up and get acquainted with an interesting subject.

    • Keepin’ it Cool: Frost-Loving Dog Chills Outside, Eats Snow
      Last update: 23:09 GMT 05.02.2020
      23:09 GMT 05.02.2020

      Keepin’ it Cool: Frost-Loving Dog Chills Outside, Eats Snow

      We all like to relax sometimes, but some of us enjoy doing so far more than others. Earlier this week, a cold-loving canine demonstrated the true essence of what it means to be “chill.”

    • Forget the Sticks, I’ll Take the Tree! Golden Retriever Hauls in Titanic Timber
      Last update: 19:46 GMT 05.02.2020
      19:46 GMT 05.02.2020

      Forget the Sticks, I’ll Take the Tree! Golden Retriever Hauls in Titanic Timber

      Many dogs enjoy finding sticks to play with, oftentimes bringing them home to play with later. A golden retriever residing in Vancouver, Canada, is definitely not shy about ‘shooting for the moon’ when on the search for sticks.

    • Humor And Animals
      Last update: 16:00 GMT 05.02.2020
      16:00 GMT 05.02.2020

      Bark to School! Charming Puppy With Backpack Ready to Hit the Books

      Spring break is not yet on the horizon, so it is important to study properly so as to earn a deserved rest. Even puppies know that!

    • Rock squirrels will quickly defend their home against intruders, especially the Grand Canyon Pink Rattlesnake. You can see it moving its tail back and forth, pushing dirt into the snake's face and sending a clear message: Don't mess with me!
      Last update: 13:30 GMT 05.02.2020
      13:30 GMT 05.02.2020

      'You Came to the Wrong Neighbourhood!' Squirrel Employs Intimidating Tactics to Drive Away Serpent

      Most of us will probably agree that squirrels are cute little creatures. But would they win a Wild West showdown with a rattlesnake?