12:27 GMT30 November 2020
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    Do you need a companion when you are going to play a video game? If so, consider inviting your pet to join in.

    This video shows a Siberian eagle owl called Ramiel sitting on a sofa's armrest while it appears that its owner is going to play a shooter.

    Maybe Ramiel has got accustomed to sitting behind its owner during the game and probably likes the view. But Ramiel's owner decided it would be fun to play footsie with the bird first and started touching the owl's claws as if trying to coax him into playing a little bit.

    Unfortunately (for the owner) Ramiel is too much of a wise owl to be tempted into anything so undignified and looks on in embarrassment at the owner's hand. Ramiel is looking forward to some classic video game action and can't understand what the delay is. 

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