03:13 GMT30 October 2020
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    Mack, a Bernese mountain dog living his best life in Australia, recently proved humans aren’t the only ones who can throw down a solid tantrum when they don’t want to do something - especially when it involves leaving the joys of beach life behind.

    Video shared with video licensor Storyful captures the silly pup immediately tossing himself to the ground and remaining motionless upon realizing that the fun has ceased, and that the trip to the beach in the suburbs of Adelaide is over.

    “He has ‘tantrums’ whenever we are leaving a walk or if he sees my car or hears me unlock it because he doesn’t want to go home,” Jo Templin, Mack’s mum, told Storyful. “He throws down, rolls on his back and won’t get up.”

    Luckily for Mack, the protest worked, and he managed to get an extra 30 minutes at the beach, Templin admitted. Somebody get this pooch an Oscar for his acting chops!


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