03:56 GMT28 September 2020
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    What a pleasure it is to sit on a beautiful terrace by the sea and eat tasty pasta! While restaurants remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, you may at least cook pasta at home and enjoy it on your balcony (if you are lucky to have a balcony).

    This video shows Hugo the golden retriever and his owner Ursula sharing an Italian meal in the open.

    It looks as if Ursula had decided to make a funny video about a romantic dinner when the pair - similar to the iconic spaghetti scene in the classic The Lady and the Tramp 1955 cartoon Disney movie - eats a strand of spaghetti before their lips meet for kissing but things turned out in a more prosaic way.

    Hugo was so hungry that forgot about his beloved owner and let himself go.

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    Lady and the chomp 🕯 🍷 🍴 🍝 #ladyandthetramp #doggo #dogsoflondon #dogsofig #dog #dogsofig #goldenretriever #hungry #lunch #pasta

    Публикация от Ursula Daphne Aitchison (@hugoandursula)

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