20:14 GMT29 November 2020
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    Dogs aren’t known to like water, so they often try to avoid taking a bath for as long as possible. But they are also loyal and always ready to help their friends, while the bravest doggos always come to the rescue when someone is stuck in the water.

    This fluffy little pup is a bit worried about its best friend – a cute teddy bear who is rotating in the washing machine. Don't be so nervous, little guy, your friend will come out safe, sound, and clean; there’s no danger. No one will put you in there and nobody will force you to take bath – well, at least in the next ten minutes.

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    Nooo~~~ I want to play with my best friend 🐻! He doesn’t need a shower! 😒

    Публикация от TRUFFLES 🐾 (@trufflesthemaltese)

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