08:08 GMT26 February 2020
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    Young children often enjoy games of throwing the ball back and forth to each other when playing outdoors. Apparently, certain animals also find this game entertaining, such as a pet water otter in Japan.

    Chiro, a 3-year-old pet water otter living in Kashihara, a city located in Nara Prefecture, Japan, clearly loves this game. Footage filmed by his owner and posted to Instagram captures them tossing a blue marble ball back and forth to each other in the morning. Chiro’s reflexes are quite impressive, as he is quick to pass back the ball. 

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    A post shared by かわうそ チロ/千代丸 otter_chiro (@chiro_chiro3) on

    The owner of the adorable pet wrote on the post “Seriously, he is fun. It is a serious face, but I enjoy it”. Seems the charming otter takes the game quite seriously!


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