04:23 GMT18 February 2020
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    People often enjoy yoga and meditation as ways to relax and clear their minds. Apparently, these practices are not limited to humans, as a husky was caught on camera this week doing just that.

    Laika, a Siberian husky residing in Québec, Canada, sure knows how to relax. Footage filmed by her owner and shared on Instagram captures the tranquil canine lying on her back with paws in the air and eyes closed, seeming to be meditating. As soon as she realizes she is being filmed, Laika hilariously seems embarrassed and quickly flips over.  

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    A post shared by 🐺 Ms. Laika The Husky (@ms._laika_le_husky) on

    Laika’s owner describes this as her “morning relaxation.” What a totally zen pup!


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