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    Startled Toddler Swings at Jumping Animatronic Spider

    ‘I Wanna Hit It’: Startled Toddler Swings at Jumping Animatronic Spider

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    If there’s one thing you should know today, it’s that you don’t mess with Charlie - a three-year-old tot who was recently filmed squaring up with an animatronic spider that startled him.

    Video shows that the chance encounter between Charlie and the Spirit Halloween spider started innocently, with the youngster petting the giant, eight-legged furball on the head. And then that’s when disaster struck, as the animatronic lunged toward Charlie.

    Although initially startled, this toddler wasn’t going to just walk away from the confrontation, instead, he threw down.

    “I wanna hit it,” Charlie is heard saying while his father films the encounter. Despite the parental figure repeatedly urging the tot against the beatdown session, Charlie continued for a few more seconds before eventually being ushered away.

    Streets, meet Charlie, whose brawl even earned a DMX edit.

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