12:03 GMT30 March 2020
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    The owner of a Mercedes-AMG C63S Sedan was dealt a huge serving of instant karma over the weekend after their attempt at showing off their vehicle ended with the 503-horsepower, rear-wheel drive car smashing into a tree.

    “[The vehicle] crashed while leaving an event called 100% Autolive in Ahoy Rotterdam in the afternoon,” reads a statement Viral Hog obtained from the video’s filmer. “The owner of the car went [too] fast around the corner and lost control of the wheel. The car stopped against a tree.”

    Additional footage from CarSpotterQVS offers an up-close view of the car’s damage and the subsequent response from police and a tow truck.

    According to website Motor 1, both the driver and the front passenger were able to walk away from the incident.

    Money doesn’t buy skills, eh?

    Netherlands, car show, Crash, Mercedes, Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes AMG
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