00:43 GMT10 August 2020
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    Tourists in South Africa's Kruger National Park witness cheetahs hunting impalas, medium-sized antelopes indigenous to the region.

    According to the author of the video, Alistair Leuner, he was alerted by the alarming cries from the herd of impalas. Soon he spotted a pair of cheetahs who were hungrily eyeing the herbivores. Suddenly, both predators rushed after one of the impalas. They ran about 200 meters and overtook the unlucky animal.

    "It was an action-packed and exhilarating experience. Although difficult to watch the impala being eaten alive, it was a once in a lifetime sighting we could not tear our eyes away from," Alistair Leuner said.

    "While the cheetah tried to kill the impala, the one even starting to eat it alive, four hyenas came and stole the impala and also started feeding on it while it was still alive," she added.


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