12:12 GMT24 January 2021
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    A giant creature found by locals has turned out to be partially decomposed whale remains.

    On Thursday a local resident, Svetlana was hanging out by the seaside when she spotted a massive gray creature lying on the sand. The mysterious thing appeared to have “tube-like hair” and several long limbs. Svetlana posted the photos of her discovery on Facebook. “Maybe, this is some kind of an ancient creature. I wish scientists could be sent here to look at it. Maybe, the ocean revealed a mystery for us” she commented in her post.

    Facebook users assumed that what Svetlana had found was a globster – a glob of unidentified organic mass that can be found on shores all over the world. Because of the work of sea microorganisms globsters may or may not have bones, teeth, eyes, flippers or tentacles. Their appearances have been recorded since the nineteenth century and they've usually been mistaken for sea monsters.


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