15:55 GMT +317 February 2019
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    Moment crab pinches woman on the lip right before being eaten by her

    It’s Alive! Cooked Crab Awakens, Attacks Woman Trying to Eat It

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    Underwater critters are really tough, as they have evolved to deal with constant pressure, darkness and fierce predators. No wonder they sometimes survive being cooked and simply escape the dish. And occasionally the angry denizens of the sea strike back!

    A Chinese woman was livestreaming while eating a special dish of seafood and just as she began to bite a crab — the creature decided to come back to life and suddenly pinched her lip with its claw!

    It's likely, of course, that the crab was not actually boiled, but cooked some other way. But after this video, everyone will start to check on their boiled crabs, fried shrimp and maybe even canned beans one more time — you know, just in case.



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